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Investment Properties & Commercial Mortgages

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As a fellow Real Estate investor members of REIN & ORIEO we understand your unique set of needs when looking for a mortgage for your rental properties, commercial or construction projects. Based in Ottawa, Ontario we provide a mortgage for investment and rental properties across Ontario and most of Canada.

Our focus is on your long term goals. We believe that your investment mortgage specialist form an integral part of your property team.

We have programs for all types of investment and commercial properties such as:
Our small rental program upto 80% loan to value
1-4 Rental units

Mid size (Can be financed upto 85% loan to value)
6-10 Units

Large commercial (Can be financed upto 85% loan to value)
Greater than 10 units
Bond based pricing

Mixed use properties (store & apartment)
Upto 75% loan to value

Varies greatly but generally upto 65% loan to value

Financing available upto 85% of costs. Equity partnerships are also available for select projects.

By using a combination of debt coverage analysis (DCR), rental offset and personal income we can help facilitate growing your rental & Investment property portfolio.

Mortgage rules are constantly changing sometimes as frequently as several times in one week. Consequently, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for investors to finance small rentals. It is imperative that we build a lender strategy to ensure you obtain your investment property goals.

Some of the topics we normally cover during our client consultations are;

Calculating the debt coverage on your rental portfolio.
How does adding or selling a property affect your portfolio

How many properties can you buy?
Should I hold my rental properties in my personal name or in a company name?
Should I pay off my rental properties mortgages?
How many investment properties do I need before I can quit my job
Can I still qualify for a mortgage if I quit my job?



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